A mobile house that came to us very cheap and becomes a good rental

This wasn’t a typical acquisition for us. We don’t buy mobile houses. But in that situation, the seller was highly motivated and the price was very low. The property was in good shape and needed a reinstatement to stop a foreclosure timeline. We covered 10 monthly payments with a cashier check and saved the seller’s credit from damage.

House is in a very quiet and relaxing rural area surrounded by the forest, but you can get to the big stores in 7-10 minutes

Here is what we found there:

We did painting inside and outside, did a deck repair and did some landscaping. All our budget was $3000 so we didn’t make a lot. But the house was in a very nice rural area that appreciated quickly.

Now see pictures AFTER:

This house was leased to good tenants and now they are willing to refinance this property and became owners.

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