How we converted 4/2 house into 5/2 house after it was on the listing more that one year.

This property was kind of bad luck for the former owner. He did repairs, he did updates, he did listings and he can’t sell it for a long time. He contacted us after we did a mailing to owners of “expired listings”. We met he signed our offer on the same day.

It was definitely an as-is house with some repairs that were done in a wrong way. And we had to redo it.

Here is a picture BEFORE:

We’ve got a big 2500sqf house where the garage was converted to an additional room without a closet. So it wasn’t a 5th bedroom. It was a big room with a piece of carpet on the concrete floor. Tile floors were done horribly. Painting was … non-professional. And we had to start a normal rehab of this house.

Here is what we did in 5 weeks:

nice big master bathroom with a new floor and new paint
it looks much better!
new shower
new front door, new LED lights everywhere, new paint
more space, new carpets
The guest bathroom is cute and looks like new
updated master bedroom
new paint on the ceiling and on the walls
the garage was converted into a big bedroom with a walk-in closet
kitchen in a new color
updated kitchen
dining area
this is a vacant lot behind a house
we did a new gate on the right side of the property
some landscaping on the front
and some white stones
back yard
trimmed and cleaned back yard

This property was sold in 3 weeks and for a price much more than Zestimate price. We’ve got so many calls from prospects I was tired to answer all of them.

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