Converting a 3bd outdated house to the nice and cozy 4bd house with 2.5 bathrooms

This was a 3/1 house that we had converted into 4/2.5 house with an electrical heating system, new windows, and new floors. We’ve got it with ugly yellow siding, yellow kitchen, and purple bathrooms. All kitchen cabinets were metal and very heavy. But anyway the house had a charm. And we had to update it very quickly and for a low budget.

We’ve got it from our first offer to HUD. It was only $22000. And I was really surprised when it was accepted! The fair market value of this house today is over $80000 dollars.

Look at several pictures BEFORE

Why they did so small window on the 2nd level?
my biggest problem was the roof. It was an old asbestos shingles. I hate it
poison ivy…
There are three arc windows on the front. We had to order a new custom arc windows
crazy shaped doorways
White-yellow-red. There are cheap plastic tiles everywhere
lack of light in the kitchen and dining area
old and rotten windows
Nice fireplace. It was the best part of the house.
Outdated metal kitchen cabinets.
And heaviest radiators of the heating system (broken)
Living room
kitchen from 1934
The vanity is metal!
hardwood floors. Look not bad by the way
one huge room on the 2nd level
Old rusted heater on the right side didn’t work at all.

Of course, we did a lot of mistakes in this project. We have paid too much for stuff and for professional help, we supposed to renew a lot of old wood parts instead of throwing it into the dumpster. We were afraid of removing or cutting off unnecessary walls.

Look at the process here.

day first: I am removing an old (75 years old?) carpets.
tons of dust is everywhere
crashing tiles in the kitchen.
taking apart all wooden panels in the house.
still crashing tiles.
Removing an old stain.
Framing upstairs: it will be a new toilet room and a new bedroom with a closet.
Our helper is about to remove a wall.
Crashing a bathtub. Only for the strong guys.
I am happy to get my 15 new vinyl windows.
A new shape for the doorway in the living room.
Our helper is doing a ceiling surface.
New electrical baseboard heaters.
New floors are coming soon.
This is J.R. and he is 35 years in this industry.
A wall painting process.
A new bathroom in the basement is coming.
A big dirty hole.
Painting, painting, and painting…
I am doing a frame in the basement.
My wife and a new closet upstairs.
A new bathtub delivered.
Our working space for a couple of weeks.

Ok, it was a hard time learning, creating, designing out of nothing and saving money on everything. But we did it!

Look what we finally put on the market. Yes. I know that I could do these pictures more professionally.

Pictures AFTER:

a new white front, new trims, and new plastic gators made a miracle.
new backside. New trims, new gators, new paint
you can see a new full bathroom on the right
new shower, vanity and toilet
new toilet upstairs
new 4th bedroom upstairs
another bedroom upstairs
updated bathroom on the first level
new kitchen
new floors, new windows, new cabinets. We have removed the wall on the left side.
New floors, new windows in the living room
new floors and new ceilings in the bedrooms on the first level
New front door
A new look of the 1934 build house.
Back yard.

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