Ugly 3/2 pool property that we rehabbed into a nice cozy home

I’ve been contacted by the seller because they were in a pre-foreclosure situation. They had no money for even one payment. And a house smelled like an ashtray. Zero chances to sell it.

We offered them about 80% of the market value and $2000 for a moving out in 60 days. And of course, we had to stop foreclosure case right now and fix their credit.

I had no chance to take more pictures because all the rooms were full of their stuff. And a pool was full of dirt and debris.

We had a lot of cleaning and trash removing here. And a lot of coats of paint to rid of this smell. And we paid to a professional pool company for the pool maintenance. And finally, we did it! We overbudgeted this time.

Here are some pictures AFTER:

the house got a new look!
new paint on all surfaces
wooden work on the front porch
landscaping work
yard cleaning
new carpets in all bedrooms
updated bathrooms
updated vanities
a new refreshing look of the kitchen cabinets

We put this house for lease and it was leased for the next 2 years.

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